Do you know all the benefits of Endomarketing?

Did you know that a motivated worker can be from 13% to 33% more creative and productive than a demotivated worker?

According to the study carried out by Oxford University’s Said Business School, in collaboration with British multinational telecoms firm BT, happy people show greater energy and dynamism in their work tasks, which leads to more efficiency and productivity in companies.

The analysis reveals that a happy employee has fewer risks in the place where he works, prevents accidents, and sees the good side of problems or incidents that arise in the workplace. Ultimately, these factors lead employees to make decisions that help mitigate or overcome adversity.

Likewise, a pleasant environment allows individuals to have positive personal relationships, control, and autonomy, develop their creativity, meet objectives, and therefore there is a balance between personal and work life.

Endomarketing (or internal marketing) is a set of marketing strategies that focus on the internal environment of a company, aimed at committing workers to the Georgetown TX Roofing Company through internal communication actions.

What endomarketing is trying to do is to improve the image of the Georgetown TX Roofing Company among workers and collaborators, to obtain a motivated team, and reduce staff turnover. Looking atendomarketing as a relationship between the Georgetown TX Roofing Company and the employees, when the relationship is healthy, strong and well nourished, all the participants are happier to be part of it.

Endomarketing aims to motivate, sensitize and give the team meaning in their work to make them more committed to the brand and believe in the service offered by the company. This motivation will make them happier and will also help the overall teamwork better. Inevitably, all these things combined will lead to more satisfied customers.

Not every Georgetown TX Roofing Company has the same salaries or motivational possibilities as Google or other large, established companies, but there are many ways to make the team feel integrated and happy within the company.

Endomarketing’s main benefits, among many others, are:

  • More motivated team, more open to ideas and improvements
  • Increased employee loyalty and commitment to the company
  • Up to 33% more energy and dynamism, which leads to greater efficiency and productivity
  • Reduction of up to 300% in the risk of having occupational accidents
  • Positive vision that allows solving problems
  • Better adaptation to changes
  • Decreased rotation
  • Feedback and brainstorming
  • Attraction of more qualified talent

Now, how can I implement an endomarketing strategy in my company?

To generate an endomarketing strategy, you must start by analyzing the working relationships that exist, the internal communication of the company, and all the synergies that exist between teams.

The objective of the endomarketing strategy is to optimize current processes to define a new system that promotes team integration, training, and motivation.

What steps are essential to get started?

  1. Analyze communications between the company

You need to determine whether the current internal communication is transversal or vertical.

Almost all of the old companies came from an organizational structure with a very clear hierarchy, where communication rarely flowed between different levels or departments. This is changing, and every day we are getting closer to a model that enhances communication between levels and that takes into account the opinions of workers to make decisions.

The team highly values managers who dedicate their attention to them, and who take them into account, so it is very important to establish new communication channels between the different levels of the Georgetown TX Roofing Company and the different departments.

The worker must feel heard, and needs to feel the feedback they receive on the work they do in order to have the feeling that their contribution to the brand makes sense. In addition to having meetings and talking face-to-face, you can also use many tools, such as Slack, to facilitate these communications if you are a large team or if you are telecommuting.

If you are in the same office, for example, you can schedule weekly meetings to give and receive feedback, or stay away from the office on a monthly basis to share opinions with everyone.

  1. Work spaces and tools

Does your team have all the necessary work tools to be able to develop its function without a problem? It is very important to create a suitable work environment, on the one hand offering a comfortable and welcoming space, and on the other hand providing workers with the essential tools to work.

You have to learn to recognize the type of environment that your team might need, a law office might not be the best example to have colorful painted walls and glass lined with a thousand ideas, but if you are someone who works with creative teams, surely those options will be welcome.

Another example to encourage teamwork, could be create common areas to meet. A dining space with a coffee maker and magazines about the sector to have coffee, update, or simply eat together at noon.

It’s also fine to have secluded spaces, such as a meeting room, to meet or use if a worker needs to focus or make important calls.

  1. Growth within the company

Do the employees have real possibilities of promotion within the company? Bonds? Are there training plans for the employee to continue training in his career with workshops and courses?

For employees to feel integrated into the team, it is necessary that they conceive a horizon of growth and evolution within the company. They need to be aware that their work will pay off in the future and that they will continue to evolve, so that they feel that they are growing with the brand and are motivated. When they know that there is room for growth, they will feel more committed and involved.

  1. Ask your team for feedback

It is very important that you take the time to ask your team what they think about the company, it’s work, and the synergies between departments and levels.

If your team is very large, you can send satisfaction surveys for them to answer, while if your team is small you can sit down with each worker to talk about the issue and ask for their opinion.

It will be very difficult to know how to improve and how to implement positive activities if you do not know exactly what your employees want to achieve or what they would like to change.

It is also interesting to see what solutions they propose to the problems they detect, as this will help you find concrete resolutions to situations in which they are not entirely comfortable.

  1. Benefits for the team

The first thing that comes to mind is that your team has a good economic reward. As we have discussed, you may not be a large Georgetown TX Roofing Company and you may not be able to increase salaries as much as you would like, however there are many other benefits you can bring to your employees.

You can, for example, cover the transport to go to the office, offer them better medical insurance, be flexible with the time of entry to work, help them with other aspects of their life such as the gym or meals, work from home days, letting them take the vacation days that suit them best, etc.

You can also work with bonuses, for example by providing an extra bonus if the company’s turnover increases.

All these benefits will motivate the team and improve the overall results of the company.

  1. Help them solve problems

This point, although short, is very important. Many bosses think that the team is the one who has to solve their problems, while a good leader is aware that it is he who has to facilitate things between his employees and the work they do.

Instead of just putting pressure on staff, try to make their work as easy as possible, looking for solutions whenever they have a problem or need help.

Don’t wait for problems to build up before addressing them. Be proactive, the team will greatly appreciate you helping them out whenever possible.

  1. Thank, listen and share

Your team is working for you in exchange for a fee, but they have chosen to work with you instead of working with another company. They are investing their time and talent in your brand, and the least they deserve is that you show them your appreciation.

We all need to hear from time to time that we are doing things well, for our work, and for the results we achieve. We encourage you to also do it with those who have decided to dedicate so many hours a day to your brand and company.

As a Bonus: Interpersonal relationships are an important factor for the success of any endomarketing strategy.

In this context, investing in other more informal actions that stimulate friendship and the creation of bonds between collaborators is also essential to create a friendly and stimulating work environment.

For example, happy hours, birthdays’ celebrations, barbecues, Christmas and New Year’s parties, benefit events, and weekly workshops among others, will help the team to motivate and stimulate them with healthy competition and learn more every day. It’s uplifting and helps make the week lighter and less stressful.

As you can see, there are many actions that you can take to improve your team’s communication and optimize processes so that they feel more comfortable and motivated at work, which will undoubtedly translate into better results and more productivity.

Do you already have some implemented in your company?