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Lead Magnets | Creating Your Plan

Welcome article two in our three article series, Building Your Business Using Lead Magnets. In part one, we discussed Building Your Business, Nurturing Prospects to keep your Georgetown TX Roofing business and services top of mind. As presented, greatness always begins with a goal, which is your intent to grow your prospect database in 2020. A conservative number is generally 10-20%. Yet, setting a goal without a plan is a difficult task. Today in Lead Magnets | Creating Your Plan, you’ll learn the steps for creating your lead magnet. Each phase has a vital role in success.

Determining audience needs is crucial in effective planning of content aligned for success. Next, devote some attention to identifying the deliverable, offer, AKA, the lead magnet. When designing your lead magnet, you’ll quickly learn if it’s right-sized for the project, your budget, and time. Be practical when beginning a new effort and expand your approach over time.

Determine Audience Needs

You must create content that meets the needs of your readers. If you are not covering them, it will not work. How can you know what their needs are?

See which are the posts that have worked best on your blog. You can get many ideas on how to proceed with this approach. To do this, go to Google Analytics> Behavior> Site Content> All Pages. From there, you can see which posts have been visite the most successful.

See which posts have the most comments. If your users are always asking you questions about a particular topic, consider writing a blog. For example, if you have a bonsai blog and readers ask you a lot about irrigation, maybe you could create a Lead Magnet related to this topic.

Discover what your audience wants by analyzing your Buyer Persona well. If you do not know how to define your Buyer Persona, we recommend that you set it as soon as possible; this will save you a lot of money and, more importantly: it will give you better results.

Create an Outline

We all have a thousand tasks to do, so if you don’t want to spend several months developing your Lead Magnet (while you could be gaining subscribers), I suggest you start scheduling and setting dates now.

After detecting your target’s necessities, define the format: Will it be a video? Will it be a webinar? A free course? A tutorial? When you have established the “base” structure, it’ll be time to start creating the content.

Another way to save time creating your Lead Magnet is by taking advantage of content from posts that have already worked very well for you. Imagine, for example, that you have a super video where you talk about a topic that has generated a lot of conversation, and that has attracted many viewers. Well, maybe you could ask yourself if it’s worth turning it into a guide and offering it as a downloadable Lead Magnet.

Design and Develop

I have read on blogs, from great marketers, that you don’t need a great design or a great Lead Magnet job. I’m sorry to have to differ, but I think a little differently. Many feel money should be reserved for other marketing efforts. In the beginning, I also thought a little like that, but with the experience, I have realized that it is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS better to offer quality content (whether it is free or not free — like this post!).

I have to offer content that the user likes and, in turn, inspires me to subscribe to my newsletter. But, is this user going to contract service of mine afterward if my Lead Magnet is not of sufficient quality, neither in design nor in form?

Offering “lazy” content, content created without working, can only have negative connotations in the long run. I am not telling you to spend $2,000, but if you have no basis in design, ask a professional to help you design it.

No money to hire a designer? Ask for advice from a friend who knows the subject. Look for references from other Lead Magnets, watch tutorials on YouTube, or barter. Take it seriously and create a cool Lead Magnet that will make a good impression on your subscribers (think in terms of timing, is it the first content they could see of your brand).

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