Resource Packed with Information You Need

NRCA is providing resources for contractors by delivering a clearinghouse of information to manage a Georgetown TX Roofing business through a crisis.

Because it includes best practices for prevention and links to authoritative data, contractors can count on NRCA. And, links include tools from the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization and Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Information includes legal resources, including crucial contract provisions; insurance resources. And they don’t stop there by providing federal financial assistance; employers’ and employees’ rights, and more. Stay informed with the NRCA’s COVID-19 Resources for Roofing Contractors View the site.

National Association of Home Builders
Speaking of resources for contractors, The National Association of Home Builders is another tool you can use. Be sure to view the National Association of Home Builders Resource Page

Government Resources for Contractors

There is no shortage of tools to help you succeed during these challenging times.

Resources for Contractors Living in Today’s World of Social Distancing

Whether you are new to working from home, or you commonly do it, here’s a range of resources and fresh tips to update your sales process, improve organization, close more Georgetown TX Roofing business with home financing, and how to manage communications during COVID.

  • Working from Home – Is Your Sales Process Ready? Click here.
  • What Does it Mean to Work from Home as a Contractor? Clickhere.
  • Home Improvement Financing that Helps You Close More Business. Click here.
  • Over Communicate with Your Clients During COVID-19. Click here.