Sponsored by Beacon Building Products

Judd Fults stepped out on his own in 2017 to build a roofing Round Rock TX Roofing Company based on the skills, knowledge and drive cultivated over 25 years of doing it for someone else in the greater Austin, Texas market.

He also had a trusted relationship with his long-standing supplier, which looking back now has made all the difference in keeping his thriving Round Rock TX Roofing business afloat.

“They work with me, I'll just put it that way,” said Fults of his local Beacon Building Products distributor in a recent exclusive video chat with RC. “Especially in this time and it's hard to get materials. I couldn't do what I’ve been doing the last five years, on my own, without their help.”

Part of that relationship is built by trusting programs and technology offered by your partners, said Fults, who is a strong supporter of the TRI-BUILT line that recently started placing all his orders through Beacon PRO+.

“With over 7,000 SKUs in our TRI-BUILT line of products, we are able to provide our contractors with a variety of dependable, high-quality products that help our customers deliver first-class work on a real-world budget,” said Chelsea Oesch, Beacon marketing director based in Austin, and Fults’ long-time supplier.

The versatility of Beacon’s other tech-tools are also making a difference for contractors, she added.

Check out entire video or listen to the conversation on the RC Podcast Page.