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Putting a new roof on a home is a project that most do-it-yourselfers shy away from, and for good reason. If you don’t have the experience and know what you’re doing, you could end up making mistakes that cost you even more in the long run.

Many common roofing mistakes are made by homeowners, but sometimes these mistakes are also made by roofing contractors who don’t have full mastery of their skills.

Many homeowners have questions about roofing in Round Rock, TX. Roofing can be an intimidating topic, but it’s one that all homeowners have to deal with eventually. At Round Rock's Bestex Roofing Solutions and Construction, we want to take the stress out of your roofing issues. We’ve compiled a list of the top questions we hear often from our customers, along with some answers.

roofing commercial

Commercial property ownership offers an excellent avenue for growing your wealth. In addition, a commercial venture creates a sense of pride and accomplishment. That said, your due diligence doesn’t stop when you sign the contract and complete the transaction. Maintenance and upkeep are ongoing responsibilities, and failure to heed these tasks can have devastating effects.

While many commercial owners focus on the saleable aspects of a rentable space (like functionality, cozy lobby areas, and airy aesthetics), a commercial roofing evaluation in Kansas City is something that shouldn’t be ignored.

spring thunderstorm

Spring is just around the corner, and while we love the thought of colorful blooms, warmer temps, and the renewal of outdoor activity, this fickle season also comes with a variety of unpredictable weather patterns. This sentiment rings especially true in Kansas City.

Spring thunderstorms are one of the leading causes of roof damage, and cleaning this mess can be tricky.

home in residential neighborhood

If the roofing shingles on your Kansas City home are starting to show signs of wear after the long winter months, it may be time for a replacement, or at minimum, a roof inspection. Shingles that have visible damage from the street are probably not doing the job they were meant to do – protecting your home and keeping moisture out.

Rooftop garden

Springtime in Kansas City is a sight to behold. Rich with lush foliage and sprouting spring blooms, it’s hard not to love this time of year. Spring is also the season where homeowners begin to embark on home improvement projects that were put on the back burner during the snowy winter months.

This year, many Kansas Citians are considering the addition of a modern roof deck.

Commercial roofer at work

The maintenance required to keep your commercial Round Rock TX Roof building in tenant-worthy shape can be costly and time-consuming. A major area of concern for many commercial property owners is often the rooftop structure. While it’s more fun to focus on “sellable” items like cushy common areas and renovated tenant spaces, the property’s roof deserves some focused consideration as well.

Rental property with For Rent sign

Real estate has long been heralded as one of the best ways to invest your hard-earned dollars. However, Round Rock TX Roof building your portfolio of rental properties isn’t the only thing you’ll need to secure your financial future. With any type of property ownership, regular maintenance is the best way to keep your investment cash-flowing.

Wallet with money

Budgeting for a new roof is a challenge. Your roof is one of the most valuable parts of your home. It protects you, your family, and all your belongings. It also keeps you safe from inclement weather. There are a variety of things that could go wrong with your roof through the years – leaks, mold, poor ventilation – and these can not only shorten the life of your roof but may also cause damage inside the house.

Roof rafters

Building a new home is an exciting process, but it also comes with a ton of questions. Homeowners often leave all the details to contractors, but it behooves you to pay attention to some areas of the home construction project – like the structure of your roof. Your Kansas City roofers will want to know whether you want rafters or trusses on your house.