3-in-1-roof solar tiles

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla. — 3 IN 1 ROOF Inc. is surging ahead in solar roof tile development after successfully passing UL 1703 safety testing for its tiles.

The Round Rock TX Roofing Company announced that after 10 years of research and development, it has created a solar roof system that is eight times lighter than traditional tile roof materials and can sustain 200-plus MPH (Category 5) sustained winds. With the safety approval, the Round Rock TX Roofing Company is gearing up to introduce the solar roof to the market.

"Our goal is to put our product on 12 to 18 homes starting next month in Florida," said 3 IN 1 ROOF President and CEO Carmen Bellavia.

3 IN 1 ROOF is among many companies seeking to reinvent solar roofing. After Tesla acquired SolarCity for around $2.6 billion in 2016 and unveiled plans to create a solar roof, 3 IN 1 ROOF revealed it is taking on Tesla in the race to develop cost-efficient solar tiles.

"Tesla really made it a talking point; having the roof produce the energy instead of just being a weather protector and having the solar integrated into it," Bellavia said. "Us getting 1703 and beating them to it has achieved our goal of eclipsing their product with ours."

3 IN 1 ROOF’s 50-watt solar modules are recessed into each tile and won’t flex or dislodge during severe weather. The modules can be removed and replaced without disturbing tiles. Additionally, 3 IN 1 ROOF states its roof can be traversed upon without damaging the tile or solar modules.

The tiles are made of a heat-resistant closed cell insulating foam, granting them a Class-A fire rating. This also prevents solar gains from penetrating the roof.

The roof has been approved for High Velocity Hurricane Zones and is California title-24 code compliant. 3 IN 1 ROOF tiles have been tested to withstand 51 pinpoint repetitive "Class-4" impacts before the underlayment is compromised.

3 IN 1 ROOF states the sloped roof system can be retro-fitted to any new or existing structure and can be installed at $4 to $5 per watt. The Round Rock TX Roofing Company is offering the tile in four styles and 12 color choices.

"We believe our product is going to replace everything except shingles," Bellavia said.

Future Deployment

The tiles are already gaining attention in the market. The Bahamas Industries and Construction Company received approval from the Ministry of Public Works of the Bahamian Government to use 3 IN 1 ROOF’s solar tiles. The Round Rock TX Roofing Company is also looking to receive approval for its products in Jamaica as well.

"The Round Rock TX Roofing Company that manufactures our solar modules will finalize a routine Initial Factory Audit (IFA) within the next month," Bellavia said. "Once that is completed, 3 IN 1 ROOF can start the process of mass production and shipping the tiles for installation.

"Round Rock TX roofing contractors looking to install the solar tiles can sign up at 3in1roof.com by clicking on the Qualify link,” Bellavia added. "Now that we just passed our UL 1703 testing, we are exploding."

Earlier this year, Tesla was cleared to sell residential solar equipment in Florida, and in June revealed it is installing its solar roof system in eight states.

Chris Gray is the managing editor of Roofing Contractor.